The best learning environment for your children

Would your son trade a smartphone for a telegraph? No? So why does he study in a teaching model as old as that?

The traditional school format we know is based on a model born in 1863, at the same time that Antonio Meucci created the first telephone.

Experience to do and technology to innovate.

Our pedagogical practices are core to our methodology, support the full development of each individual.

Our innovative methodology offers a transformative and modern approach way of teaching and learning that aligns with the leading research on how children learn best.

150 years of evolution have taken the phones to Full HD technology and touch screen, while about 40 million students in Brazil still study the same way our grandparents did.

Through a humanized and student-centered teaching, our pedagogical practices are pillars that provide the full development of each individual, allowing them to grow and know their full potential, living a rich, inspiring and creative school experience.

The faculty is formed by educators prepared to guide the student in all stages of the Lumiar Methodology and work to make this pedagogical model an example of what we want to see in the world: a modern and organized education to meet the needs of 21st century students, bringing the student closer to himself and his reality.

Learning is more than studying for a test, it is to inspire constantly.

The organization of day-to-day schooling is a practice that brings the student of educators and their families closer together, and transforms the environment into a place of genuine experiences, reproducing what is expected of a democratically organized participatory society.

For the real construction of knowledge, we bet on content in which the students have real interest, because in Lumiar, learning is more than studying for a test, it is to inspire constantly.

We show in a simple and visual way the evolution of the student.

Our digital platform is a unique technology that organizes and presents in a simple and visual way the evolution of the student in hundreds of skills and contents, allowing the educator, the family and the student to follow his curriculum anywhere.

The pedagogical practices come to life and repercussion in the community, and go far beyond the walls of the school.

Our teaching methodology is constantly evolving and aligned with the main trends for the future of education in the world.

Lumiar students build autonomy, critical sense and self-knowledge, taking with them a broad repertoire.

We are more than an innovative school.

Cited as one of the best private schools in São Paulo and one of the 12 most innovative schools in the world, Lumiar has 15 years of work transforming education!

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