About Lumiar

We form autonomous students, capable of collaborating actively in a democratic society.

Lumiar methodology was created 15 years ago by a group of pioneering educators, developing it as an initiative that intends to transform education around the world. The first school was born in Sao Paulo, and today the method is present in more than 10 schools, public and private, in Brazil, USA, and the Netherlands.

Lumiar methodology is original in the sense that it proposes and practices the concept of project-based learning as an instrument of inter-relation among students, and the search for their real interests. Knowledge is structured by identifying competencies and skills, including what would be “school subjects” inside projects, learning modules, workshops and other dynamics. In each project, the learning contemplates the related skills and knowledge areas, such as math, geopolitics, geography, chemistry, languages, etc.

The methodology is founded on six pillars: Tutors and Masters, Mosaic Curriculum, Participatory Management, Multi-age Groups, Active Learning, and Integrated Assessment.

Our pedagogical practices are pillars that provide full development to each person.

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In practice, it can be translated into substituting the traditional teacher as knowledge detainer, for the tutor, who keeps track of the development of groups of students. This person is responsible for identifying the interests and abilities of each group, always offering tools that enable the creation and execution of projects that are based on these interests and inviting masters, which are specialists in various themes but not necessarily academics.

All decisions are discussed in assembly, held with all school components, as a form to generate autonomy and to find the best ways to generate each project and other situations that are part of the group’s quotidian.

The Digital Mosaic is key to Lumiar methodology, as it is a platform that contains planning modules and the mosaic curriculum divided into skills and contents. At Digital Mosaic, managers, educators, students, and parents can follow, register, and evaluate the processes that organize school life. To sum up, it is a pioneering intellectual technology that guides all the school organization through cycles, projects, and continuous assessment of each student, enabling participatory management, active learning, and the critical reflection over their own development processes.


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