Education can be transformed in various ways. We have solutions to the different demands.

To offer a pleasant learning experience, to awaken interests, to sharpen senses, to understand the changes in the world and inside oneself, this is our proposal. Lumiar offers a modern experience in education, through pillars that elevate learning and change the way we teach and learn.

Everything we do is thought to create a new form of education, and it unfolds in different fronts that are adaptable to the necessities of all of those who wish to become partners of Lumiar. Besides the possibility of applying our methodology and platform in schools, we teach other educators about what we have been doing for over 15 years.

Lumiar School

This option is for those who want to open a full and independent Lumiar, using the brand and receiving training with on-site and virtual support for management, pedagogy, and scholar routines. This is the ideal option for those who want to start a school from the beginning while also maintaining business independence.

Lumiar Licence

This option is for existing schools who wish to use Lumiar methodology without leaving their names behind. In this option, the school can advertise the use of our methodology and digital platform, and the school receives training and virtual support. It is ideal for existing schools and people with previous experience in education.

Digital Mosaic

Our digital platform in an important piece of our methodology, because it is what enables the management of learning inside Lumiar molds, besides offering a revolutionary assessment method that encompasses skills and contents. If you are interested in only using our Digital Mosaic, we can customize it for your school, containing your own competencies matrix with skills and contents, while also respecting your brand.

It is ideal for those who use integral assessment models, such as Project-based Learning or Competency-based Education.

Teacher Training

This option is ideal for educators who want to understand how to build learning experiences based on student’s interests, how to support transdisciplinary and competency-based learning, how to stimulate independent thinking, how to develop autonomous students and citizens, how to create and manage projects and workshops with the effective participation of students, how to apply integrated assessment, how to report to education authorities, and much more about Lumiar methodology.

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We form partnerships with public and private schools, and with educators who are committed to the creation of a new form of education. If you are interested in collaboration in this transformation process, please answer a quick questionnaire that will help us understand your objectives. Will will get back to you very soon.

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