Education can be transformed in various ways. We have solutions to the different demands.

One of our main interests is to go into partnership with those who wish to improve and update education with modern resources. Therefore, we have adapted different arrangements of cooperation that are suitable for both education entrepreneurs and schools using the PBL method, other innovative methodologies and those on the way to innovation.

A partner can use the Lumiar methodology in different ways: by opening a Lumiar School; by licensing the methodology so it can be used in a school that has another name; by creating a Lumiar contractor in a school that uses another methodology; or by using our Mosaic Curriculum to manage the activities of schools that use Project-based Learning or Competency-based Education.

In all of these options, Lumiar offers training and support, as well as curriculum matrices customization based on each partner’s context. See in detail:

Mosaic + Lumiar Lab

Ideal for schools that want to experiment with innovation, Lumiar Lab is a learning laboratory focused on Active Learning, which can be experienced in everyday school life (main shift or after shift) through projects and other pedagogical modalities. The tool to organize the routine is Mosaico, our management platform for the teaching-learning process, which offers, in a single place, space for planning, monitoring, recording, evaluating skills and knowledge and systematic follow-up of the individual and unique trajectory of each. student.


Mosaico is also ideal for schools that use integrated assessment, PBL (Project-based Learning) or CBE (Competency-based Education). This is the case with Vishwajyot, part of a group of schools in India, which adopted our platform as a tool to support their practices.

We offer asynchronous initial training, methodological resources and technical support.

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Powered by Lumiar

This format is excellent for existing schools and professionals with prior education background experience. The idea is to maintain the school’s name, but the partner is allowed to use Lumiar tools and methodology. It’s a way to help the community recognize that the school is preserving its history while embracing an innovative and recognized methodology.

The school Key Academy, located in Lagos, Nigeria, is one of those that embraced Powered Lumiar. The school’s founder, Damilola Okonkwo, chose to use all the pillars of the Lumiar methodology. In order to do so, her team received training and pedagogical support. The school remains with its original brand and the name Lumiar is used to indicate the partnership.


Option for those who want to open a new school. In addition to being part of the Lumiar Schools community, it receives training and continuous support (from the pedagogical team and management) in person and virtual, all the methodological resources available and makes full use of the brand.

It's the solution for anyone who wants to start a school from scratch while maintaining business independence. We already have partnerships in this format in São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Poços de Caldas and Stowford, England.

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