Education changes people. People change the world.

Some say that school should prepare the student to enter a good college, and others know there is more that is needed and school can enable much more.

For years, students have been prisoners, at the height of the excitement of their motor, mental, emotional and social development. Most of the time the classroom is a totally uninteresting place where kids should behave like bored adults in a discouraging environment.

Could school be a more inspiring environment than it is today?

To offer a pleasant learning experience, to arouse interest, to sharpen the senses, to understand the changes in the world and in oneself: that is our proposal.

Lumiar offers a modern experience in education, through pillars that increase learning and change the way we know the act of teaching and learning. See the pillars that form the Lumiar Model.

What can a quality education do?

The learning experience generates gains or losses throughout life, and is directly linked to how much a person can contribute to himself and to society.

The quality of a country’s education influences its politics, interferes with the birth rate, the provision of skilled labor, the manipulation of natural resources, the rate of violence, and the individual’s ability to subsidize their existence.

Investing in quality education generates social, environmental and economic benefits to individuals and society, define how they organize and relate to the world.

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