Transforming learning experience inside and out of school.

Lumiar Methodology

Lumiar Methodology is based on competency learning through projects and student autonomy, and is has six different pillars:


Mosaic Curriculum

The curriculum is turned into practice through different modalities, such as projects, workshops, research and other activities, along with the experience of the participatory management at the school. For the planning of these activities, we consider the interests of the students and their needs of learning and development, always including their active participation. The Competence and Content Matrices, coordinated through the Digital Mosaic platform, lay out the key skills and competencies the learners are developing at Lumiar, including critical thinking, communication, creativity, self-directed learning, and more.


Tutor and Master

The teacher becomes the development mentor, which is called Tutor, and the projects are led by experts in the area of study, and they are called Masters. Together, Tutors and Masters work closely to develop the implementation of a learning project, while making sure that each student’s individual learning goals and needs are supported throughout the course of the project, as well as through their journey at the school.


Multi-age groups

The enrichment of school life happens when students of different ages collaborate in one single environment, which creates the opportunity for students to learn and socialize amongst themselves as in real life. It means we don’t put grades in their development, allowing interactions and experience exchanges to unfold in a mutual and natural way.


Active Learning

Our Active Learning proposal aims at helping the student to mobilize and discover contents and abilities that are useful for their formation and active participation in society. With learners at the center, Active Learning promotes participatory and active construction of understanding through real world materials and experiences.This facilitates deeper learning, and mobilizes the learner as they discover their strengths and engagement with the larger world.


Participatory Management

At Lumiar, pedagogical practices, social relations and the organization of daily school life are managed in a participatory way, involving all agents that are part of the day to day school experience: administrative team, pedagogical team and students. Everyone participates in the plans for the development and enrichment of the experience at school. We recreate inside the school what would be the expected functioning of a democratic society, in order to guide children and young people in their engagement with society, both in their present and in the future.


Integrated Assessment

Our unique Mosaic curriculum demands an integrated assessment that is not merely classificatory, but that shows knowledge and skill development evidences. We go beyond questions and exams by questioning the level of knowledge and the ability to apply what has been learned in multiple ways, with the active participation of the learners who can reflect on their own performance.

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