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Lumiar School São Paulo was the first one, launched in 2003. It attends from preschool (0-2 years old) to elementary and middle school (until 14 years old). Located at São Paulo’s heart, at Bela Vista neighborhood, the school has a library, laboratory, atelier, external area, collective hall to project realization, learning modules, workshops and other activities from our education model.



“At Lumiar, children experience a democratically organized everyday life, it couldn’t be a richer experience! Learning to live with freedom and responsibility, they gain autonomy to decide what and how to learn. For me, this experience is also a learning, and transformed education into something much more inspiring and transformative.”

Maysa Crowder Mother

“Working with the children at Lumiar São Paulo is incredible. I perceive how they get involved in the day-to-day, thinking of events, organization of places, in projects and workshops, from defining themes, proposal developments, asking questions, bringing hypothesis, experiencing, creating, practicing and sharing their findings with the group and community! It’s very good to work here because I get to learn a lot from the Masters, children and the team!”

Lara Gonzalez Gil F1 Tutor

Some of our projects

About the school

At Lumiar São Paulo you can find several interventions conducted by students through the projects offered, like the cistern for collecting and reuse of rain water!

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