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The first Lumiar school in the southern region of Brazil was designed to receive and develop the Lumiar Model in its fullness. We have a modern space in Mont’Serrat neighborhood, where students, tutors, and masters enjoy the laboratory, outdoor area, library and collective hall for the realization of projects, learning modules, workshops and other activities that are part of our teaching model.



“We had to reinvent ourselves, to adapt ourselves to the challenge of such an innovative and challenging model! Here we quickly see the results of the work. We identify students’ interest in learning, challenging projects, willingness to participate, discussions established from the reading of the world, the actual construction of the exercise of autonomy, and other incredible learning.
Lumiar differs in all the details that make up education. Being part of this building encourages us to go beyond, to want to do more and better. The challenges are many and the desire for education to be truly the height of the 21st century is what drives us.”

Maria Soledad Gómez Principal at Lumiar Porto Alegre

“Being a tutor in Lumiar is, first of all, to have the humility to recognize that, as educators or pedagogues, we are always under construction – alive and questioners of 21st-century education. We are restless and moved by a passion for education, we embrace a project that recognizes that truly human development means joining individual and collective autonomy, leading the student for citizen formation.

I think that the tutor role is built with courage and the daily exercise of constantly questioning why you do what you do!”

Patricia Ayala Tutor of F1

Examples of Lumiar Porto Alegre Projects

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Lumiar Porto Alegre School was inaugurated in March 2017 and attends Elementary School – from 6 to 14 years old.

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