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Lumiar International, at Santo Antonio do Pinhal, was inaugurated in 2010.  The various projects were carried out in both Portuguese and English, and they are extremely important for students to learn to validate their own interests as well as those of the group, with the opportunity to create, innovate and act with increasing autonomy in a dynamic and immersive learning process.

In a privileged space, in one of the safest regions to live in the State, the school located in the rural area of Santo Antônio do Pinhal is surrounded by nature, and attends the Infant and Primary cycles I and II (from 2 to 14 years).


“Being at Lumiar is to build autonomy! As much for students, as for tutors, teachers and other collaborators. Having the opportunity to work with a methodology that seeks to help people discover their talents and put them in favor of community development is undoubtedly more than rewarding. The location of Lumiar International, in the rural area of Santo Antônio do Pinhal, makes the work even more pleasurable! Pure air, beautiful mountains and good-humored people, is what the best this region has to offer. The result is noticeable in our students – cheerful, curious, thoughtful and proactive children!”

Graziela Lopes Pedagogical Director and Tutor of F3

“I really like this school because it’s different. In my old school everyone had to do this or that … here we can also choose what we want to do and I’m learning much more than I had learned before. It’s a lot of fun, we decide things together, everyone together. That’s good because everyone talks about their issues, everyone participates.”

Júlia F2 student

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