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Who are we to talk about education?

We are an initiative that has been working for 15 years to transform education in the world. Through an innovative teaching methodology, we offer modern education, which combines technology and pedagogical practices, focused on the complete development of the learner.

Selected as one of the 12 most innovative educational programs in the world by Stanford University, Microsoft and UNESCO and cited by the OECD as one of the most innovative schools in the world in 2013 and 2016.

With elementary and junior high schools, and high school and higher education coming soon, our pedagogical proposal attracts attention from around the world. Growing through national and international expansion, Lumiar now has learning environments in Brazil, the Netherlands the United Kingdom.

Technologies have evolved, people have changed. It’s time to invest in education!

Why invest in education?

We work in the evolution of technology tools and pedagogical practices aligned with education trends, focused on skill development that prepare the citizen for the real world.

The difficulties of education are different in each country, while some struggle with the shortage of skilled labor, others suffer with ageing population. Despite the differences, there are common problems – such as a urgent need to modernize education and the access of students to quality education.

The OECD argues that improving the standard of education can contribute to a countries’ economic growth. It affirms that a low level of education in a country can result in a “permanent state of recession”.

What can we do together? We can transform the education outcome and the reality of millions of students. We have business opportunities for investors and partners who want to invest in the most powerful human capital there is: students.

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