Digital Mosaic

Lumiar methodology gains structure with the Digital Mosaic.

Digital Mosaic is Lumiar’s digital platform, an important part of our methodology, as it is what allows the learning management inside Lumiar’s practices, while also offering a revolutionary method to map and evaluate skills and contents. The Digital Mosaic was designed to fulfill the needs of our unique methodology, but all available functionalities can be used in learning environments that use modern methodologies such as PBL (Project-based Learning) or CBE (Competency-based Education).

Mosaic Matrices Our curriculum is translated into Competence and Contents Matrices, which are presented in the circular mosaic format. This format frees the student from the traditional timeline that guides the knowledge acquisition, opening space for them to create their own way inside the curriculum. The mosaic matrices also allow educators and students to clearly see all the already acquired knowledge and those that need to be developed. Our platform brings not only the mosaic matrices but also does the management of all the learning activities that guarantee the development of the student.

Project Development At Lumiar, most learning processes take place through projects, and the Digital Mosaic allows them to be created and developed in an organized and effective manner. Each project is born from the combination between the students’ interests and the learning necessities, which are mapped on the mosaic curriculum. Together, student, Tutor, and Master plan and develop the projects in the Digital Mosaic platform, detailing objectives, knowledge areas, participants, activities, sessions, and final products. Everything is mapped inside the platform, that connects each project with the specific knowledge that is being acquired through it.

Digital Mosaic as a Hub The Digital Mosaic works as a hub that concentrates and connects all the fundamental elements of a modern education. We created a Hub of Masters, that connects students and schools with the best educators around the world. The Hub of Projects concentrates everything that was developed in our schools, generating an important reference pool that allows the creation of more creative and effective projects. The Digital Mosaic also works as a dynamic inventory of educational content, combining references, resources, practices, ideas, products, and masters around skills and contents.

Digital Interactions & Personalization The Digital Mosaic allows that all students, Tutors, Masters, and managers stay in touch, forming an important educational global community. Learners from one country can develop projects in partnership with students from another place, they can book video sessions with masters around the world, bilingualism is developed in a practical manner through the various digital interactions enabled by the platform, and Lumiar students become global citizens through the contact with other realities and different people. It all happens without leaving behind the personalization of the learning process, as it gives space for each student to create their own path inside this global community

A Digital Mosaic For Each One All of those who are part of the Lumiar community are also part of the Digital Mosaic. Managers, Tutors, Masters, students, and parents have access to the platform, where they can follow the development of school activities and the journey of each student inside the skills and contents matrices. Through the Digital Mosaic, managers are able to organize the school processes and activities, while guaranteeing the learning quality in their school.

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The Digital Mosaic is a complete platform that brings various functionalities that were specially designed to facilitate the functioning of a modern school. Get in touch to get a complete presentation of the platform and to learn more about what would be the best way of using the Digital Mosaic inside your educational space.

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