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To talk about modern education, we need to talk about what autonomy means. Autonomy is not something you can give to someone, it is something to be developed, and to be autonomous you need to know yourself and the other.

In the traditional teaching system there are predetermined guidelines on what to teach, how to teach and when to teach the student, within this logic, in this process there is no room for the development of autonomy.

In the traditional process there is no room for the development of autonomy

Innovative methodologies assume that the role of the modern educator must be different from the traditional teacher, proposing a new organization where the student is no longer a listener, but the protagonist of his own learning.

This exchange between educators, students and their families enriches the school environment and favors the construction of autonomy, raising the knowledge of the student and the educator himself.

A new way of teaching and a thousand ways to learn!

If you want to learn more about the education practices used in Lumiar, which involve active and dynamic learning, participatory management, discovery of student interests, inter and transdisciplinary practices, then we’d love to connect with you!

We believe that by sharing our way of seeing the world, more educators can put their knowledge into practice, and more students will have the opportunity to learn better and to transform their reality.

Learn more about innovative methodologies and be prepared for the future of education!

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